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General Information

The Friends' Meeting House of Quaker Hill, Uxbridge, was the first place of worship built in Uxbridge Township, and was built in 1809 by the Society of Friends. The present Meeting House was built in 1820 by a group of Quakers headed by Ezekiel James. The timber used was hand-hewn and is in good repair today, a monument to the devotion of those early settlers who first located in Uxbridge Township

Regular services and Sunday School were carried on in The Friends' Meeting house until the 1920's.

Since then an Annual Remembrance Service is held on the second Sunday in June at 2:30 p.m.

All and everyone is invited


Weddings are welcomed at the Meeting House, but conditions are primitive with no hydro or running water. There is no charge for weddings, however we have always received a generous donation towards the upkeep.